I have a pretty difficult time playing multiple video games at the same time…  I like to concentrate on playing through one before moving on to the next.  So with Halo 3 ODST finally out and available, I was desperately trying to get through Bioshock.

I started playing Bioshock about two months ago.  For me, it’s a bit of a slower paced game that I had a little bit of trouble getting into initially.


The premise of the game is very interesting.  I’m not going into huge details because most people who are going to read this already know what this game is.  Long story short; a mad scientist has created an under water city called “Rapture” where he has executed DNA modifications allowing all kinds of crazy shit to happen in this city.  Your character crashes in an airplane and is thrust into Rapture.

The creepy atmosphere was very difficult for me to play, ESPECIALLY at night.  I am a grown man and I am not embarrassed to say that this game made me terrified.  Playing it, I was always on edge and felt an extreme sense of hyper tension.

Being a first person shooter, I didn’t have much trouble getting used to the controls.  I played through the game slowly; saving often and always looking for more ammo, guns, health, and eve.  The plasmid system is amazingly cool – but I could never get myself to use the plasmids very often.  I played the game like any other first person shooter, totally concentrating on the guns and ammo.  This playing style came to really hurt me in the end.  I always had tons of EVE but was ALWAYS low on ammunition.  And in the last level I was completely out – which ironically forced me to use only my plasmids and wrench to complete the most difficult level in the game and become a Big Daddy.

Thankfully the game is not a complete bastard and it let me completely ammo up before the end boss.


The game was absolutely amazing.  Even though it was tough for me to get into the game initially, the story ends up fully immersing you sort of without you knowing.  Before I knew it, I was feeling a personal vendetta against Andrew Ryan and longed to destroy Rapture.  For all the slow-paced gameplay in the early levels (inventing the lazarus vector, etc) – the final act is just completely epic.

I thought the entire goal of the game was going to be killing Andrew Ryan, Rapture’s creator – but in reality this happens and there are still 4 or so hours of play time left.  Even so, Ryan’s death was just an amazing video game sequence.  He coldly practices his putting while he faces his death.  ” … a MAN chooses … a slave OBEYS …”   Frickin’ amazing – possibly one of the best gaming scenes EVER.  No joke.   Watch it:  short version.   long version.

After Ryan’s death, you proceed to find that Atlas, your friend and guide through the entire game, was actually Fontaine.  Fontaine has enslaved with mind control and used you to take over Rapture.  And, with Ryan out of the picture there was only one thing left to do.

The rest of the game was fairly difficult… I was constantly trying to find and buy ammo and I really struggled.  In the last level of the game I actually skipped saving three little sisters because there was no possible way I was going to defeat a big daddy in my condition.  I had to retry the fight with Fontaine one time – but on the second try I whooped his ass.

The ending of the game was short – but still very good.  And, really it’s a perfect ending to the game.

I really enjoyed playing Bioshock, even though it took me a good 4 or 5 hours to get myself mentally into the game.

3 thoughts on “Bioshock

  1. vanbergs

    I am glad you finally got around to defeating the game, and as you helplessly watch your character pummel Andrew Ryan and realize why you’re there doing what you’ve been doing, it’s just amazing.

    If I had one complaint about the game at all, it’s that it was too easy. The player literally cannot die, and is just resurrected from the nearest chamber. Made it feel like there was no consequences to running in with guns blazing and plasmids energizing.

    Other than that, it’s easily one of the best games ever. Hopefully the sequel/prequel won’t ef it up.

  2. vanlandw

    I liked Bioshock but I mostly liked it for all the reasons that will sound insanely stupid.

    First now that you have beaten it I would HIGHLY recommend to go though the Bioshock Wikia. Shit for everygame you have beaten go to the wikia. Halo, GTA. This will show you all the things you have completely missed. At least one article is a complete must read…

    My favorite part about Bioshock is it’s one of the few games that makes you feel like you are somewhere important where something important has already taken place. Most games don’t do a very good job of making a place seem important after the fact. All the little touches and a story that at least SEEMS like they made a full effort to make a videogame for adults and not for the lowest common denominator. If you liked Bioshock for these reasons I would suggest Fallout 3 even though the game play is much different.

    I played Bioshock on ‘hard’ and didn’t have TOO much trouble and while the “Vita Chamber” is pretty much a “checkpoint” like most game have these games the enemies do not regenerate their health so yeah you can grind down all the tough parts minus the final boss. Vanberge said that he played using saves rather then vita chambers that is really a PC gamer way of playing but not a bad idea. I think on the PS3 version you can disable vita chambers actually they might have put that in o the xbox though a patch.

    Regardless I agree with vanbergs I hope pt 2 doesn’t suck I’m glad they pushed it back to 2010. GG vanberge you are on an absolute gaming tear. Thank you for playing ODST with me that was like the most fun gaming I’ve had in a long time brb.

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