An Ongoing Struggle

I’ve recently become certain that there is simply not enough free time on this planet.

Between things like work, home ownership, being married, etc – I could seriously spend all my within that realm.  Don’t get me wrong, spending time in this “Adult” realm is definitely not a bad thing…  But for the most part, the days of the 10 hour Counter Strike sessions are long forgotten relics of a previous life.

I’m still having a little trouble transitioning though.  There is definitely a large party of my being that is still very immature.  I very often find myself wanting to shrug off all responsibilities.  Definitely been a bit of a struggle lately… I guess you could say I’m hanging onto the “college” mentality.  For example, my college mentality tells me:  I should beat Halo 3 again.  I should play through Fear.  I should play through Forza 2.  I should finish Gears of War.  I should watch the 237 (yes, two hundred thirty seven) movies in my Netflix queue.  I should get Guitar Hero 3.  I should mod my Xbox.  I should get digital HD cable.  I  should get a DVD/Nav system for my car.  I should get a Wii.  I should make a Mii.  Apple should make itunes for linux.  I should get a new video card.  I should get another 19” monitor.  I should get a new laptop.  I should get surround sound for my upstairs.  I should get a blueray player.  I should plug in my effing Super Nintendo and play “Pilot Wings” from start to mother effing finish.

Then there’s the responsible side, telling me things like:  I should paint my hallway.  I should fix my garage door trim.  I should put in new floors (wood laminate).  I should completely remodel the bathroom.  I should rake the yard.  I should sweep the drive way.   I should clean the carpets in the basement.  I should put in an exhaust fan in the bathroom.  I should change the shitty outlet in the living room that plugs don’t even stay in.  I should put the final touches on the finished basement.  I should save for a new furnace because mine is exactly as old as me.  I should clean the gutters on my garage.  I should power wash the deck.  I should stain the deck.  I should water treat the deck.  I should paint the annoying wall in the kitchen.  I should get new cupboards in the kitchen.  I should get a new motion light for the back yard.  I should cut down the basketball pole that there is no basketball hoop fastened to.  I should fix the garage walls. I should put real siding on the garage.  I should see my father without a mustache at least one time.  I should read a book.  I should lose a little weight.  I should clean the air filter in my car.  I should change the front brakes in my wifes car.  I should buy a floor jack to jack up both cars.  I should unplug the effing Super Nintendo.

Obviously there is a solution to this profound predicament:  Balance both of these worlds.

Provide a good home, but enjoy the home.  Sit out on the deck you just stained and have a cold beer.  Have a nice dinner in the kitchen you just put nice new floors in.   Hell, even take a bubble bath in your remodeled bathroom.

With an answer so clear, its amazing that I am even finding myself troubled with this.

7 thoughts on “An Ongoing Struggle

  1. bun

    “Apple should make itunes for linux.”

    i love you vanberge. i will be in town the weekend of november 10. we should have a beer. GH3 is amazing, btw. i’m half way through on expert. 😛

  2. vanlandw

    It’s all about a good balance. There is NEVER enough time really to do everything you want to do. Case in point I bought Leopard on Friday and I haven’t really finished installing it even yet. I bought a Wii but it seems everybody else has played it more then I have.

    Priorities do change and as you get older you do need to do more shitty things. Luckly you have a good wife and you can share those type of responsibilities together to get things done.

    The other thing is that your 27 years old and you have about another 50 on this planet to get these things done.

    You are vanberge…I should clean my cat box but I’m going to make coffee…brb 😛

  3. Adam

    I know how you feel, vanberge. I’ve managed to quiet the ‘college’ side of my brain (except for the part of my brain that likes beer) but it’s still the case that I don’t want to be doing work all the time. I have a laundry list of things to do too, but in order to get it done, I’d have to work from the time I got off work, to the time I went to bed, every day, for a year.

    To avoid the guilt, I’ve been playing BioShock.

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