An addition, and search strings.

No real substance for this update…

Just FYI, I have added a new gallery comprised of ‘wallpapers’ that I have created. Some I made with bryce3d back in the day, and others are real pictures i took (but then “GIMP’ed”). Either way, they are all cheezy. But, maybe i’ll try to do more / better ones for everyone to enjoy

Here are the top 20 search strings for how people have come across my web destination:
1. raab h-
2. pwned
3. scion tc
4. halo2
5. porshe
6. scion
7. new charger
8. ford –
9. bmw 325
10. new gto
11. 2005 gto
12. yesterdog
13. jetta 2005
14. peg bundy
15. new jetta
16. raab
17. shelby-
18. david palmer for president
19. shelb-
20. %22scion tc%2-

Draw your own conclusions.


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