Monthly Archives: December 2004

My food tray is up, my seatbelt is buckled…

After completing a full work week at my new position, I really feel excited. I’m excited about using REAL I.T. equipment (Progressive Distribution Services, Incorporated used Netgear 4 and 8 port home networking switches… Great way to utilize a T3). I’m excited because the company is really growing. I’m excited that I get a laptop. I’m excited that I get a nextel. I’m excited that I get business cards. I’m even excited that I have to wear a tie to work. I’m more than excited. — With my new career, I work with people who have fun at their job, and all of them are more like friends then they are bosses or co-workers. It really is a great atmosphere…

With that said, I’m already dreaming about the vast array of possibilities. Tuition reimbursement as a benefit probably means that I’m going to pursue MCSE and CCNA certifications (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Cisco Certified Network Associate), and possibly a masters after I pound out a few years of REAL I.T. experience. Who knows what happens from there.

Christmas comes right around the corner, And I’m definitely looking forward to a couple days with families. Great food, captain morgan’s enhanced egg nog, etc.

So, to everyone I wish a merry christmas. Especially to you, Fred Meijer for your fantastic sale on men’s dress wear. I now own 7 long sleeved dress shirts and 9 neckties. 🙂


Cheateau D’If — escape complete

After 2 months and 29 days of being without employment, I have finally landed
myself a position.

I was offered two different jobs, from the red cross and mercantile bank
respectively. Although the red cross sounded like a great opportunity, the
salary was a bit lacking. My gut feel was to go with the bank, and I did.
(from here on… when i say “gut feel”, no fat jokes!)
So, starting Monday Dec. 13 I will be an “IT Specialist – Server Support”.

With this position I take a slight pay cut from what I was making at
progressive distribution. But, the great benefits and “not communist” work
culture will more than make up for the slight drop in my annual compensation.

I really couldnt be more excited… I feel that I am about to start a
real career
as opposed to having a shitty job. All excitement aside, I
am so grateful to my friends, family, and better half for not labeling me as
an unemployed loser (or worse) for making a rash decision to leave my job back
in september. Even though I truly cannot think of a less desirable work
environment then progressive distribution services incorporated.

With all that said… I am going to offer a bit of advice. Go with your gut.
I made one decision that will forever change my life. And I made that
decision at the drop of a hat. In retrospect, if I had not made that choice, I cannot imagine where I would be now, and how much I would hate 66% of my conscious life. These types of decisions do not come around often, so the stakes are lower. But I believe the theme to be the same….

go with your gut