The Website is Down

Seems like forever ago that I saw the very first video from these guys – “Sales guy vs. Web dude”.  The video was simply hilarious.

The video is pokes at a day in the life of a typical IT guy.  The entire thing is seen from Web dude’s PC monitor viewpoint as he runs through a gambit of tech support hijinks.  But, what makes this video so great in my opinion is the realism.  The tools and actions he takes are completely realistic with how the IT world actually functions and I completely relate to it 100%.

But what I didn’t really know is that these guys have made more than just that one video.  They actually have 4 different episodes featuring what has become my favorite Anti-Hero: Web Dude.  These videos are simply hysterical and I cannot get enough of them.

I find myself wanting to do things like Web Dude does… Use Skype, call Laslo the datacenter gangster, and sticky-nade my team mates.  lol.

I seriously  BEG anyone reading this to watch all of these videos because they are LITERALLY top shelf productions that deserve to be seen by the entire Earth.

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