Summer Vacation 2009

This summer, we took an awesome house-boat trip on Dale Hollow lake with a fun group of people.

In all, 22 people went on 2 boats (10 on ours, 12 on the other) and everybody lived on water for 4 days. It was simply awesome.

We took turns cooking meals, got too much sun, bought over 50 bags of ice, and in general had an awesome time being disconnected from the real world. There were no computers, no Cable/Satellite TV, and my blackberry got NO reception.

At first it felt a little strange, but it really helped me relax and have a completely care-free vacation. I tried to be careful with sunblock, but I ended up pretty burnt on the first day. I had a great time all around even with the burn though.

I’m still sort of in vacation mode, and it’s been a little harder than usual to come back to the real world. Anyway… hope we can do that again sometime. A good, fun, and surprisingly cheap vacation.

2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation 2009

  1. vanlandw

    Your trip sounds amazing and well deserved.

    It’s kinda cool to just “brb” the computer and phones for awhile. Like last night I got home from work at 8p. I was so tired I just fell asleep in my car in the parking lot for two hours. Got inside my house and my internet was down. So it was like 17 hours of no connectivity and even though it was kinda “forced” it was kinda nice to just be invisible to the world.

    Regardless you are a good man vanberge thank you for sharing a piece of your trip with all of us.


  2. Vanberge

    You’re very welcome Vanlandw!

    that’s pretty funny really that you just slept in your car. :-/

    Maybe you should go to bed earlier.

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