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This week I have been hell bent on adding some functionality to the website and making some other small design changes. It started with implementing google search, and has just spun out of control. to the tune of literally over 10 hours of work. A numbered breakdown:

  1. Implemented google search function using a static html page. search is awesome, but yuck for me using static html.
  2. Removed links to squarehalo and glaven. both dot org.
  3. I cleaned up about 15 or 16 coding ‘errors’ and/or bugs. My site is now apparently valid xhtml.Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  4. Added an entire archive page to just list out all my monthly archives (top nav bar). The listing of monthly archives on the main page was starting to own my sidebar.
  5. Changed ‘monthly archives’ on the sidebar to now be ‘recent posts’ which displays the 15 most recent blog entries.
  6. Extended the google search function. it now pipes into a real wordpress page using .htaccess url rewriting. *thanks jja. what a hack that static html page was.
  7. *edit* Some simple CSS tweaks. Slight color change. Borders. Underline hover.
  8. Fixed Google search IE bug (finally..!) I wrote the google code into a php function that is then called by the sidebar. Versus just pasting the google code into the sidebar.php file. Then also styled the table with a CSS entry and took out some of the html style.
  9. Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.6

now can somebody seriously tell me how to put an image in your post and have the text wrap around it instead of showing up below it? nm i might have figured it out.

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