“Real” Detroit Lions Update

The Real Detroit Lions have just completed their regular season play.  As such, here is a brief overview of stats and highlights for the team and some standout players.

  • Steve Vanbergs – Wide Receiver:  NFL MVP, Offensive Rookie of the Year, Pro Bowl Selection.  3,080 yards on 126 catches, 36 touchdowns, 24.4 avg yards per catch, longest reception 86 yards.
  • Eric Vanberge – Running Back:  Offensive Player of the Year, Rushing Title, Pro Bowl Selection.  312 Carries for 2,302 yards (NFL record), 28 touchdowns, 7.4 yards per carry, 86 broken tackles, 92 yard longest run, 0 fumbles.
  • Wes Vanlandw – Defensive Back:  Defensive Rookie of the year.  267 Interception return yards on 8 interceptions, 34 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 8 interceptions, 4 defensive touchdowns, 22 passes defended.
  • Ryan Payner – Middle Line Backer:  48 Tackles (25 for a loss), 8.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble.
  • Mr. Mickeyvb – Quarterback:  Pro Bowl Selection. 84.9 passer rating, 229/449 passing(51%), 4,708 yards passing (Led NFL), 48 Touchdown passes (Led NFL), 41 Interceptions (Led NFL).
  • Detroit Lions, Team:  16-0 Record, 6,987 Yards of total offense, defense allowed only 295 rushing yards all season.

So, the lions have had an undefeated season with some breakout/all star players.  The Vanbergen family is going to the pro-bowl, Payner and Vanlandw led a stellar defense,  The lions are firing on all cylinders and going into the playoffs with home field advantage.
Eric Flo kicked sphere once in awhile.

8 thoughts on ““Real” Detroit Lions Update

  1. Vanberge


    Mickey does not need to cut down on his interceptions. He’s a risk taking, play making, stubborn quarterback. Combine that with confidence in the defense, and he doesnt mind throwing into triple coverage a few times a game. 😉

  2. Kramer

    Jon Kinta doesn’t mind throwing into triple coverage either.

    I miss not being able to watch (for the most part) the Tigers, Red Wings, and Spartans down here. Honestly, I don’t miss the Lions. Being Lions free is a good thing.

  3. mickeyvb

    Considering my shortest pass was 110 yards, (having to start on the 1 inch line every time), and throwing into triple coverage at a minimum (pick it up vanbergs!), I’d say all in all that it wasn’t too bad of a season!!

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