Read between the lines (&& 24)

Before I begin, I shall point out a general bullet list of what this post shall include: (bulleted list russellteee style)

  • 1. Finally, monetary apology
  • 2. Brief Account of 24 [since everyone i know has transcribed some account]
  • 3. A revelation
  • 4. Literature
  • Let us begin
    1 Finally
    Today marked a week and a half since I had sent that hate inspired email to my former employer. Since it takes about 4 minutes to write, address, and mail a check…. I began to grow quite angry. I decided to send a follow up email to make sure they didnt “forget“.

    Evidently they did not, here is the response. Yay for unexpected income

    2 Twenty Four
    24 is the best thing ever to be on film. I shall not point out things I enjoyed, because that is far too much to write. There is 1 item that i find to be of an “undecided” origin in the script. I am not sure yet of how i feel regarding Jack’s “GF” being kidnapped. His wife and daughter were kidnapped in season 1, and now his “woman” and “boss”. Although the circumstances are quite different, i feel this to be a slightly recycled plot line.

    But, that really doesnt even matter because it really is the best thing to ever happen in real life or “fake” life. Apparently im “quote” happy tonight.

    3 I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had
    I’m staying at my job for ever. This decision is absolutely certain, and comes from two recent sources. (A) – I got a bonus. I have been with the company for 1 month, and gotten a bonus. This is 17 percent of salary earned in 2004. Although that is merely 186 take home dollars this year, next year should be in the 4 grand take home range. Correct me if I’m Wrong – but thats a big bonus. Goes well with the backed vacation pay from progressive. Well, will go well with the money from progressive when I am in Vegas in late march

    (B) – Last night marked the first “late night” of problem solving at work. Basically, we upgraded and things went haywire. At progressive, this would be high stress and just a terrible night that would make me want to drink bleach. But with Mercantile, I actually had fun. We went out to eat at Steak and Shake, and my two bosses drove around with me to some of our branches so we could make the necessary fixes. We worked until about 11:30, and I didnt mind a bit. I could be myself, I had fun in the situation, and it all worked out. So, instead of hating every minute of every hour of every work day at progressive… I even have fun in the “bad” days at mercantile. If any IT guys are curious, we upgraded our domain controllers from NT 4 to 2000 and Active Directory.

    4 – Literature
    Just a blip about some self reflection I have done. Back in August and September of 04, I was reading alot of books. I read “the Forge of God”, “The Legacy”, “The DaVinci Code”, and “Lullaby”.

    Not only is this odd because I used to hate reading almost as much as I hate running…. But more odd is the fact that I have had no interest in reading since then. The last book i read was Lullaby, and I really got into it. I couldn’t put it down. I got up at 5:30 a.m. so I could read more (yes, seriously). Not sure what happened or changed to do this, because it has not been intentional.

    5 – Comments
    Apparently everyone forgets or doesnt know that I have comments via msg boards. You dont even have to create an account anymore!!! come on!


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