Quick Changes.

It’s hard to think back over the past few weeks and come to the realization that i (we) are about 98% done buying a home. I’ve never done this before, so it’s great to work with people who answer my questions and who are actually out to help me vs. make a ton of money off me. I really had no idea how fast things would move once you pick out the home.

That entire process is an absolute pain. Looking on line for hours… mapping out areas… finally checking a few out in person… just thinking about that is exhausting. All that just to finally walk into a home and have it hit you… “this is home”. Then you have inspections… appraisals… insurance… etc. ung.

We’ll hopefully be moving in the first week of march – and anybody who wants to help will get a buffet of free pizza and free beer.

Besides buying a home… I’m definitely enjoying 24. I’m definitely enjoying The Shield. I’m using google ads and I think I already hate them. Noob update.

2 thoughts on “Quick Changes.

  1. vanlandw

    i have debated putting ads to subset the costs of my bob account but really it seems like more effort then it’s worth. i’m sure you will make a few bucks and I’ll make sure to click on the ads as much as i can for ya.

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