I’m looking forward to a few things coming up soon…

1: Metal 09.
April 31 through May 2 will bring a trip to Chicago with VansFloRuss in which we will take in some Metal and partake in merrymaking via Medieval times. Even though there are probably 3 other concerts this same weekend that I’d rather go to, I’d still rather make the trip to Chi town than to stay around GR that weekend. GG and I’m looking forward to it. BTW We have to purchase Tix to medieval times everyone!! And I REALLY need to figure out our hotel situation.

2: House? boat.
The last week of June, we (wife + myself) will be scooting across Dale Hollow lake in TN via a 40+ foot “house boat”. This is a 4 day event that makes me think of “Deliverance”. We did this trip a couple summers back and it was really a lot of fun. Can’t wait.

3: Economy U-turn.
I don’t know when this will happen – but I am definitely looking forward to a time/date when Mr. Obama can yank up the hand brake and whip that sombitch around into a 180. Because it is pretty effing dicey out there man.

2 thoughts on “Pre-cap

  1. bun

    yeah you should look into hotels my van. getting one in the city that weekend is going to be insane because of baseball, so your best bet may be to just find one close to MT, and then just drive in for the show.

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