lol. Memorial day weekend. Vanhood. Vanbergs. Vanlandw. Flo. MickeyVB. Cuda. JumpStart. Aztek. Oops. Steak. Brats. Beer. Dutch. Dutch Masters. Garcia Vega. Pool. Sun. SPF 30. Metro. Fire. Raft. Pop. lol. Football. Diving board. Flip. Vanberge. James Gandolfini. Family redefined. Wikipedia. WordPress. Update. P4P. lol JJA. Gallery. Basketball. Scruff. No showering.

24. finale. china? hmm.. Rescue Me. Promotion. Busy. Blackberry. Engaged. House. Central Air. Ultimate fighter. GTA III.

More.  Maybe.  Later.

6 thoughts on “OneWords

  1. vanberge

    lol… you hardly drive down to GR from “Sparta”… much less make a trip to hart michigan which would entail you driving for over an hour.

    if you ‘stop bitching’ about the drive to GR, maybe we will invite you next time.

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