money money money

is all you need. Nobody says it better than parappa the rapper. I am really starting to become one broke ass mo fo. I guess its good that i havent had to ask my parents for money  yet, and I am still owed 250 bones, but I am ‘running on fumes’ at the moment.

At some point im going to just start looking for any job at all. Perhaps an ‘electrician apprentice’ or maybe a ‘armored vehicle driver’. GVSU has postings for public safety officers… If they got USP’s instead of glocks, I’d be all over that one. USP owns glock for anybody that doesnt play CS. I really dont even know how police can do their jobs.

Reading: Diary, chuck p.
Games: FF VII, THPS 2x (unlocking everything)
Music: Feel free to request a song… you’ll notice the link for ‘song of the week’. This will likely just be ‘disturbed’ all the time, but if somebody suggesst something, we’ll see what happens.

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