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So, i’ve been working on writing little “FAQs” about all the Groomsmen who will be in my wedding.  Evidently this little excerpt goes into the program. Well, I’m not nearly as good of a writer as vanbergs, so especially for a semi formal occasion like this I have some trouble. I figure i’d post a rough draft and take some comments/suggestions on them.

Thanks in advance everyone! Please leave comments/suggestions on these…


Steve VanBergen – Best Man
I chose Steve to be my best man not only because he is my younger brother, but because he is truly my best friend. Being close in age, we shared many of the same interests and hobbies as we made our way through childhood, which allowed us to become very close friends. We’ve managed to remain very close as we’ve grown into adults, and I’m very grateful for that. I couldn’t have asked for anything more in a little brother.

Jason “Tom” Farquhar – Groomsman
Jason is our cousin on my Mother’s side. Jason grew up just a few houses down from our family, and has always been close friends with both my brother and I. Unfortunately for him, he’s a few years younger than Steve and I, so he spent alot of time being picked on and pranked by the both of us. Even though we picked on him through most of is teenage life, Jason is really like a brother to Steve and I.

Ryan Payne – Groomsan
I met Ryan during my freshman year of college at Grand Valley State. He lived on a different dorm floor, but his outgoing personality and unique sense of humor allowed him to become pretty good friends with everyone. We kept in touch all throughout college, and eventually lived together during our super senior year. Even though he now lives and works on the east side of Michigan, Ryan has remained great friends with all of us.

Eric Florence – Groomsman
I also met Eric at Grand Valley. He started college a semester later than the rest of us, but quickly became a great friend. Eric and I lived together for most of our college careers, so he’s gotten to know me alot better than he probably wanted to. I consider him to be wise beyond his years, and he’s always provided a level-headed perspective on any trying situation. He’s seen me at my best as well as my worst, and I’m glad to consider him a great friend.

Wesley VanLandschoot – Groomsman
Wes was one of the first people I met when moving in at Grand Valley. Sharing a technical inclination as well as the same nerdy major of “Information Systems”, Wes and I helped each other make it through alot of difficult classes. It was definitely easier to spend 24 hours straight in a computer lab knowing that Wes would be there as well. In addition to classes, we also lived together and both worked for Grand Valley’s I.T. department. Wes carries a mild and humble nature, and over the past 8 years has really become one of my closest friends.

10 thoughts on “Groomsmen Writeups

  1. vanberge

    the point, jja, is for people (particularly the guys in my wedding) to mayb suggest or comment on what they would like to have it say in the program for them at my wedding.

  2. bun

    Unlike the rest of these silly bastards, I will actually provide berge with some valid feedback.

    Firstly, the best part about those descriptions is that they are to-the-point. I’ve been to way too many weddings where the groom (or more than likely, the bride)rants and raves about his/her wedding party for half an hour – long past the period where everyone else actually cared. 😛

    I wouldn’t change them at all. They are short, precise, and exactly how they should be for your wedding.

    The urban dictionary entry is genius, btw.

  3. TOM

    Vanberge those are perfect, unless you have index cards with all that stuff on it you will just speak from your stomach (or heart for all others).
    I love Vanberge. see all you fuckers this weekend!

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