Get down.

Things seem to be moving at quite a rapid pace… It’s almost my birthday, which I hope to celebrate by having all friends/family attend a weekend long outing to Sister lakes michigan. I suppose I will have to make formal invites so that people can make plans… Everyone who knows me, try to get out of work or school on August 13th and August 14th (Saturday and sunday) for this venture.

A couple new things: Harry Potter 6 is the man. I’m about 150 pages in, and this entire series is just pure genius. Although geared towards younger readers, many aspects completely reach every man. “Neither can live while the other survives”… that is just epic. Every man (well, me at least) feels a desire to have a mortal nemesis. Every man wants a fight… Fight for a woman, fight for pride, fight for whatever, fight for the world. Neo vs Smith, Boondock saints vs Papa Joe, Stu Grimson vs Bob Probert, Harry Potter vs. Voldemort, pure good vs pure evil, the point is gotten. Part of me wants to have such a nemesis, I want to wage man to man war, fight an epic and complete duel, burn everything alive inside, where only one walks away. Obviously I work 9-5, come home, eat dinner, etc. My life is pretty much written as normal circa de Webter’s dictionary. Which is probably why I find this particular series of literature so intriguing. Anway, I encourage turning pages of harry potter books while scrolling left to right and up to down

Work is busy… continually busier. More things for me to admin and manage keep piling up… Mirrored SAN’s, a Cisco IDS, Routers, digital and IP phones, 30+ servers, etc. etc. etc. Another I.T. guy starts on Aug 1, mostly relieving me of help desk duty. I did have the pleasure(?) of getting a “Blackberry 7510”. It’s a cool device, but im not sure yet if I like being that connected to my job. I suppose I can always turn it off when i get home. And it definitely will make some things more efficient, so there’s some good

Finally tonight, I have decided 100% on purchasing an Apple Imac desktop computer. I will be purchasing the 20 inch version. I am going to force myself to start a savings account first, before I make this purchase. I’m going to open it awith 250 bones, and get it up to 500 before I swing Mac… But, swing I will.


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