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A couple more changes to the site. A faint blueish grayish background for the sidebar, an about page, and I also posted my very first blog (straight up html) here: (clean urls in wordpress rock). There is also a link to that web log at the bottom of my archives (see header nav). I didn’t even know i still had that. It was a wierd surprise to find it…

My first web log dated back to July of 2003. So, i’ve technically been keeping a “web log” for approximately 5 years. It is actually pretty embarrasing to read. I’m definitely not the same person now that I was 5 years ago. But, at the same time it made me feel appreciative of my life. That original website journal chronicles through the most dismal time in my life. I hated my job. I was very lonely. The real world hit me with harsh reality and I had realized i was nowhere near an adult yet. I missed college because most of my friends and brother were still there. The only thing i really had to look forward to during that timeframe was weekend trips to Mulligan’s. Aye. wierd times indeed.

1 thought on “Follow up…

  1. vanlandw

    Since my last update, two things have happened.

    1. I started to make, and failed.
    2. I quit my job.

    that is all.

    best post ever….

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