Driving part 2

Continuing with my car theme… I have taken the plunge and started to “mod” my car. This last weekend I got my windows tinted at extreme car audio. They look pretty nice. I tried to go with ‘classy’ as opposed to ‘ghetto’. I went with a 32% for the front, and 22% on the back three, both in the color of charcoal, and I think that was the correct choice. Pictures before and after are posted in my gallery if anybody is interested.

In addition to that, I purchased a K&N cold air intake for my car. This will allow my car to breathe the cooler air outside the engine compartment. Since cooler air is more dense, the combustion is stronger. Stronger combustion = about 10 more horse power and 10 more torque. I’ve read alot about these things on line, and for filters and intakes I guess you really cannot beat K&N. As of now though, it is not street legal. It has been ‘submitted’ for approval, but not yet been approved. I’ll take my chances. Anyway, that beauty arrived at my parents house today, so that will be installed by myself and mickeyvb this coming weekend. I will probably take pics and videos of it.

No other major updates in my life… except for gas prices going up like my cholesterol. Good thing i drive 2.5 miles to work.


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