Adult Vanberge

Now that the holidays have come and gone, there is one key theme that I can’t really get myself away from–Adult Vanberge.

I felt this odd sensation over myself sporadically over the course of the holiday season… Basically, I felt “Adult”. It really hit me on New Year’s day. Johnsoc2 and I typically spend the day at her uncle’s house where her whole family congregates. Board games, rose bowl, beer dogs, life is good. However, this year’s get-together quickly evolved into myself, flo, and johnsoc2 talking with another couple about various health insurance options, benefits, car insurance, and career paths. It was really pretty funny, because it’s like it hit us all at the same time. We all kind of paused, and everyone had a “what the hell are we doing??” look on their faces. We even joked about it afterwards. It’s as if we all realized there was no more kiddie table. But- we damn sure tried to bring it back with a hardcore session of Uno Attack.

Basically, I feel that this awkward transitional period that I have felt myself in is coming quickly to a decisive end.

Merry christmas, happy new year… I hope everyone that I bought gifts for enjoys them to full capacity. And I am sorry to mr. Florence that his car’s (my former car) front passenger wheel ended its 11 year relationship with the rest of the car. Tomorrow starts my semi-new years resolution of jump roping every weekday morning. I plan on starting with 10 minutes a day, and i’ll just go from there. Laugh all you want…. im gonna stick to it 😉


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